In early October 2013, I decided to give back to the business community and open up United as a food commissary for food vendors, food trucks, food carts or just about anyone interested in food.  I partnered up with Katy Macke and we decided to call it The Columbus Food HubThe Columbus Food Hub has about 20 available fenced-in parking spots for food carts and food trailers.  And United, which houses The Columbus Food Hub, has a complete commercial kitchen which includes 3 thirty gallon kettles, 4 deep fryers, 2 huge cook tanks that can cook up to 4,000 pounds of product at once, a 8-burner stove with a griddle top and a broiler, 2 convection ovens, 2 conventional ovens, a dish washer, multiple sinks and tables.  For those who need to process larger volumes of meat and seafood, there is a further meat processing area, a further seafood processing area as well as a further cooked meat processing area.  There is also meat grinding, meat cutting (bandsawing), cubing, vucuum tumbling and meat tenderizing (jaccarding) available.  United also has 2 top-of-the-line Dixie Pac roll stock machines and 2 vacuum pouch machines as well as a huge Grote Slicer for slicing cooked meats. 

There are three different memberships at The Columbus Food Hub which give vendors' different options of use of the premises all at reasonable prices.

For those who want to go national with their food items, United is federally inspected which means anything that is produced at United or at The Columbus Food Hub opens the door to moving product over state lines without further rules and regulations.

As a new and exciting opportunity to members of The Columbus Food Hub, we have opened up our 1,500 sq.ft. retail store area to allow its members an indoor space to sell their wares.  This allows members to not only creat and prepare their products but also to sell their products in the same physical location!

In addition to the aforementioned, we give free business consultations, free meat cutting demonstrations as well as free advertising to members of The Columbus Food Hub.  Visit The Columbus Food Hub at THECOLUMBUSFOODHUB.COM.

Presently, The Columbus Food Hub works with:

Forge Columbus
Greener Grocer
Upper Cup
Capital Raman
Ohio Pasture Proud
Hot Chicken Takeover
J'S Hot Fish
Cosmic Gourmet Popcorn
TJ's Sidewalk Grill
Kickin' Chicken Mobile, as well as others